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Happy 95th Birthday, Jean!

Today marks what would have been Jean Harlow's 95th birthday. Hard to imagine, because she's been forever young on film for 69 years and counting.

I wonder what she would have done with her life, professionally or otherwise, if she'd had more than 26 years on this earth.

Harlean Harlow Carpenter, 1911

She never saw a television set, let alone watched one of her own movies on one via The Late, Late, Late Show, VHS or DVD.

I wonder what she would make of the world today, the way it keeps her alive.

Would she be amused at how much money her authentic autograph sells for? Opposed to the majority of letters and photos available that her mother signed on her behalf, in the same familiar handwriting seen on Harlean's birth announcement:

And what about this crazy thing called "The Internet" where people from around the world create web sites in her memory, post her photos, buy and sell her memorabilia as well as books written about her, show where she's buried, discuss her personal life and dissect her equally short and vibrant career?


I think that she'd find it all terribly amusing!

Which is one of the reasons why I count myself among her fans.

Photo Source: Terra/AP

Happy *Heavenly* Birthday, Harlean!

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